FTM top surgery

Transgender mastectomy

Before the operation

Lampen - Praxis für plastische Chirurgie

About the operation

Schere - Praxis für plastische Chirurgie

After the operation


Praxis für Plastische Chirurgie

Mastectomies for trans men – frequently asked questions about mastectomy

Any surgical procedure obviously requires a great deal of planning, and mastectomies for trans men in Zurich are no different. Plastic surgeons adapt...

Praxis für Plastische Chirurgie

Surgical options for trans men

Female-to-male (FTM) gender confirmation surgery involves a number of individual steps; which of those individual steps may come into question for a particular person depends...

Schere - Praxis für plastische Chirurgie

Gender confirmation methods – what happens during a mastectomy?

A mastectomy means that the plastic surgeon removes the patient’s mammary glands. Many trans people consider breast removal one of the most important steps...