For Swiss residents

The operation costs will usually be covered by your Swiss health insurance. It is part of the basic insurance and therefore a standard benefit. I will write to your insurance company beforehand, asking them to agree to cover the costs.

Health insurance companies view liposuction contouring as an additional aesthetic service and therefore will not pay for it. You will have to pay for this yourself. It costs CHF 2900.

For non-Swiss residents

FTM top surgery / mastectomy

The total cost includes the entire organisation, consultations before the operation (e-mail, phone calls, personal contact, etc.),  the double mastectomy with liposuction contouring, the anaesthetic, the two-day stay in the Limmat Clinic, four days staying in the Swiss Night Hotel with breakfast (one day before and three days afterwards), postoperative medical care from me or my assistant, all the necessary documentation, and a doctor’s letter if required.

I will send you a definitive statement of costs by e-mail.

Additional procedures

If you would also like liposuction in typical areas such as the abdomen, love handles or hips, please ask for a cost estimate by e-mail.