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Dr. med. Britta von Stumberg - Praxis für plastische Chirurgie

Dr. med. Britta von Stumberg

As a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with my own practice in Zurich, I have been operating on trans men in Switzerland for many years. I trained in various clinics for plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery in Germany. My special interests are in breast and facial surgery. 

Patients come to see me for removal of their female breasts. In my opinion, this operation is less concerned with what is removed and more concerned with what is left behind. The contours of the upper body should appear as masculine as possible. The breast tissue is removed. The overlying skin is tightened. The areola (the pigmented area around the nipple) and the nipple are reduced in size. Additional liposuction is always necessary to smooth out the roll of fat at the edge of the breast tissue.

Various incisions are possible and I make every effort to avoid large scars. The operation may be performed with a periareolar incision,  around the junction of the areola with the surrounding skin. Patients with larger breasts will need larger incisions, together with free nipple grafts.

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